Heliline Helicopters is a VIP Helicopter and Jet hire operator in Greece & Private Aviation Company. Our services are:

  1. Helicopter Chartering, Luxury Jet & Airplane Chartering, Rent of Helicopters, Aerial Sightseeing flights, Aerial Shooting, Luxury Transfer, VIP Services, Cargo Transfers, Luxury services, VIP Escapes, Travel Solutions, Luxury vacations, Private owners Aircraft Management, Flight Planning & Navigation Services.
  2.  Medical Evacuations, Air Ambulance.
  3. JAA PPL-A & JAA PPL-H Exam Preparation Seminars, Ultra light airplanes pilot training.
  4. Sale of Robinson and Cabri helicopters, ultralight airplanes Faeta 321, Zephyr 2000 and Solo from Atec-vos, Skyleader Airplanes, aviation equipment and accessories.

Why to choose us:

Heliline Helicopters is managed by experienced pilots with direct connection to aviation business and it is a progressive and dynamic company specialising in private helicopters & jet charter. You can rely on our team of experienced charter managers and pilots, with more than ten years’ experience in the aviation industry, to offer only the best possible charter solutions, tailored to your needs.

We offer the highest quality aircraft for charter, from light executive helicopters & jets, to long range VIP aircrafts.

In today’s fast moving business world, time is one of the most valuable assets. Heliline Helicopters enables you to fly in your own private aircraft and to manage your individual flight schedule. Clients are often pleasantly surprised to learn how cost and time-effective private charter can be, when comparing with Business Class airfares. 

If you wonder the reason for preferring the helicopter or the airplane as transportation means we mention to you the following reasons:

  1. Your time of transport by a point in the other is decreased considerably.
  2. It transports you where you want with safety and speed.
  3. It constitutes a luxurious and impressive means of transportation for the customers and your visitors, as well as for your professional meetings.
  4. The helicopter or the plane can be landed almost anywhere, near to point of your work or at any airport.
  5. It provides for you the possibility of realising 2-3 visits in different points of country economising precious time.


Management of continuous airworthiness services is carried out according to the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (E.A.S.A.).

For VIP and commercial flights Heliline Helicopters operate only under AOC.

 If you are: Flying Enthusiast, Pilot, Student, Self Fly Hirer, Someone who like to fly or You want to buy helicopter or plane, create an account to get first information on best destination flights, offers, discounts, and special events.

It is what we have got at the moment. If you can not see what you want, feel free to ask us, and we will see what we can do. Check back often, this website is constantly changing!